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Sports Therapy combines numerous disciplines including massage, stretching and exercises, acupuncture and nutrition.

Treatment will also address acute injuries using taping and manual therapy, postural and lifestyle issues such as shoulder tension and headaches or help with general aches and pains.


Whether you have sprained your ankle playing football, have a stiff back from sitting at a desk all day or aching muscles from training for a marathon, sports therapy with a skilled therapist will help!

Your initial session will involve consultation and treatment. Most people need at least some sports massage and many have regular massage to maintain good physical health. If you have a specific pain or injury, other techniques will be used, with your consent, to best address the issue and get you back to your best!


The underpin for discovering how your body is doing. Tense areas can be relaxed, pains can be eased and you will gain body awareness.  Sometimes massage is all you need, other times it may direct what other treatment is necessary.


When a spa is just not going to cut it, you need expert help! Many mums-to-be don't realise that you don't have to put up with pregnancy aches and pains!! Most can be reduced or stopped and your therapist knows how to treat you safely and effectively during this time. The many benefits of massage during pregnancy should not be understated. Research even shows it can reduce labour duration! Give your body a little time and let's help you enjoy life with  bump more!


Myofascial taping is the latest and greatest in the sports therapy world! Used with advanced expertise, tape can lift the fascial layer to enhance and speed recovery, ease pain or pressure and get youi back to feeling great much quicker. Taping can be used as part of a longer term therapy or help prepare you for an event. It can even help with headache/migraine management or chronic back pain!


The body cannnot function well without good fuel. Life, work and just confusion about what is healthy can often mean we need help. Or maybe you just want to improve your sports performance, sleep better or learn how what you eat can impact on how you feel.

Advice is practical, realistic and personal to your needs, where you shop and how you live.

World renowned Lorisian Food Intolerance blood tests available.


We often hunch over a keyboard or slouch on the commute. Or maybe problems stem from neglecting core strength in favour of clocking up the miles. The beauty of sports therapy is that it will find and analyse your problem areas and show you how to correct them. Back pain can be cured with stretches and exercises and even chronic conditions can be managed better.


Just a few needles can often be all that's necessary to relieve unexplained pain. You may have been unsuccessful in trying other therapies or have pain that is difficult to describe. A little needling can go a long way but will only be used with your consent and any discomfort is temporary.

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Lucy has built Better Body Balance using techniques and teachings from around the world.

Lucy Honeyman loves her job as she has always been active and appreciates the need for excellent therapy to help with performance, injury prevention, recovery and maintaining good health.

Lucy has always been active and trained seriously as a classical dancer from the age of two. She now prefers to slog through marathons and the odd ultra marathon. Lucy has now completed the London, Edinburgh, Disney World and Colombo Marathons amongst others, always in fancy dress and raising money for her charity project in Tanzania.

Lucy has worked as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant giving her a broad knowledge of exercise and rehabilitation and how to take a rounded approach to keeping the body at its best. This led on to the world of injury recovery and prevention, performance enhancement and manual therapy.

Lucy combines numerous techniques gained from her insatiable appetite for learning and adding to her skills. She gives a deep and thorough sports massage but combines osteopathic techniques, corrective exercises, sports injury therapy and stretching techniques to ensure the client gets exactly what their body needs. She has worked with a wide range of patients from those with arthritis or muscular conditions to those with acute injuries or chronic back pain or postural conditions.




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  • Call/Text 07854401576.

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